Michael Edward Lenert

Attorney-at-Law and Professor

Website: commlex.com

Summary of my teaching and research


I began university teaching in 1990 at the University of Texas at Austin, as co-instructor for Radio-TV-Film 305, an introduction to mass media course. I shared the responsibility for the instruction of over 400 students in a large lecture hall. Since that time, I have taught a wide range of media studies and production courses at both the graduate level and undergraduate levels at major universities in the United States. My teaching and scholarship emphasizes a critical approach to issues of communication, technology and society, often with a special focus on the relationships among emerging media technologies and democratic societies. Some of my courses are mentioned below.


Graduate level

Law and regulation

Legal environment of international communication.

Environment of the West: Environmental law and regulation. (click here for syllabus)

Emerging Forms of Journalism

Webcasting and the public sphere: The theory and practice of democratic discourse in an Information Age. (click here for syllabus)

Journalism entrepreneurship. (click here for syllabus)

Participatory journalism. (click here for syllabus)

Interactive Journalism (click here for syllabus, 2006); (click here for syllabus, 2008).

Multimedia and interactivity for the Internet. (click here for syllabus 2007).

Communication theory and research

Mass communication research methods. (click here for syllabus)

Telecommunication and information systems. (click here for syllabus)

Journalism practice and performance

Daily News and the Daily Show --News writing using political satire and humor. (click here for syllabus)

Television and audio production: Single and multi-camera television production techniques for news, MTV and soap opera.

Information design for the Internet: Dreamweaver. (click here for syllabus)

Media production workshop.


Undergraduate level

Critical and cultural studies

The Dubia Project: Intercultural media literacy. (click here for overview)

Online Community and Identity (click here for syllabus)

Media studies and practice

Media Audiences and Research. (click here for syllabus)

Media Technologies from Gutenberg to the Internet (click here for syllabus)

Mass media industries and institutions. (click here for syllabus)

Diffusion of innovations: Applications of new technologies, technology and culture. (click here for syllabus)

Modern rhetorical and narrative theory.

Applied media aesthetics. (click here for syllabus)

Media policy and the electronic public discourse in an Information Age.

Music television and daytime drama.

Media law and policy

Media law, policy and freedom of expression. (click here for syllabus)

Legal environment of the Internet and World Wide Web.

Liberal arts studies

"First year seminar" (an intensive writing and discussion course).